Across the Swarm

by Across The Swarm

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Written and recorded by:
Francesco A. Flagiello: Vocals
Luca Sammartino: Guitars
Marco Lambertini: Guitars
Riccardo Grechi: Drums
Simone Bertozzi: Bass Guitar (session studio)
Luca Lodi: Samples


released May 15, 2014

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Across The Swarm Bologna, Italy

Across The Swarm is an Italian extreme metal band from Bologna. Originally known as Lacerater, Across The Swarm blends different styles like death, brutal and hardcore with DNB (drum and base) samples. The result is an explosive mixture between old school blasts and modern grooves that some are starting to call "Shove Metal"..
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Track Name: Hang Out
Time flexes according to your needs
And you embroider credible memories in your mind
Overshadowed, distant and vague childhood
which looks like the contrail of a plane
And can be seen for a little time
Before vanishing, dispersing

Tied laces spaced out by bows of barbed wire
They are pieces of life that follow one other
Knotted in logical compromises
Which slowly wear you out

Hang out a little more
In order to see better

A fastened doll
With ripped belly
And pieces of bloody organs coming out
Caressed by girl’s thin fingers

Dirty water slides
On rough craters
From your mother’s thighs

Clayish and wet ground
In which sink old and weak hands
Brown and red nails full of your blood
Track Name: Just Bodies
I remember entangled bodies…
There was nothing else: just bodies
Bodies on bodies and primitive instincts
Tongues, wet heat
Aggressive hands looking for something
In the light, in the sweat.

I'd like to disappear, to be swallowed by the floor
I feel the need to vomit all this crap
I feel the need to climb up again from the bottom, to purify myself
But all that i can do is sinking,
More and more, in a sea of squalor
Maybe it is here that I have to be.

Shifting sands of guilty feelings
Man is not meant to be happy
Or to find peace. At least not during his life.
So he fucks and let himself being fucked violently
Hoping to forget his condition,
Aspiring to animal unconsciousness.

My stomach is burning,
My head is going to explode,
My rage in increasing and begging for being vented.

You deceive yourself, with your culture, that you're superior.
You deceive yourself, with your religion, that you're safe.
You deceive yourself, you don't do anything else, during all your life.

So scratch, bite
Be cruel, scream until you collapse
Pain may be the solution
Track Name: Cynical Eyes
You can see them there
where the ignorant and the pervert
Uncanny images
to be forgotten
so that the eye
can’t feed on reality.

Men breathe, Digest,
defecate and copulate
led by a rigid code
of calmness and unconcern.

Don't concentrate on your life
leave your worries away
forget your body,
don't listen to him
abandon yourself to our cry
to our word

Be Satisfied of that mediocre path
made of futile desires
selected for you
so that you won’t suffer anymore
in this existence which doesn't belong to you

You can see them there
but you’ll never know that they live

They make calculations, observe
without ever watching
cynical eyes on dead bodies

They empty, scrape off warm bowels
sucking every body fluid
filling dried casings
arid as deserts
with soft padding of indifference,
a natural insulator from passions
so you can beat
everywhere and all the time,
without ever feeling crashes
never suffering.

You can see them there,
But you’ll never know what they have done (to you)
Track Name: Formless Wreck
Unknown images reconcile
To a constant impotence
Concrete uncertainties
Of common thought

Vortices of uncontrollable ideas
Turn away from any logic
Intertwine with this disquiet
Which doesn't bring peace
Which smashes you into the wall
Licking your ears
Whispering insane realities
That exist inside you.

Unknown images reconcile
To a constant impotence
Concrete uncertainties
Of common thought

And you begin to see them
- with dilated eyes -
Decayed intestines
Rotten belly
Infested by hard working warms
That can't do anything but eat
What's better in you
Making it a formless wreck
A torture to the good sense

There are just a few moments
In which uneasiness vanished
Delicate, quick, soft moments
Just like drop of pleasure
On a cock which constantly struggles
Avidly sucked drops
By big and hungry months
That rapidly tangled up
Soft shapes leeches
Lick each other
Looking forward to the moment in which
They will deprive you
From the tasty lymph
Sticky, lukewarm,
Vital regurgitation

Unknown images reconcile
To a constant impotence
Concrete uncertainties
Of common thought
Track Name: Like Water
I don’t even feel like I’m alive
While I wander in the city
Observing people planning their day
Convinced of being part of a project,
Bigger than their mind can imagine.
Busy people walking through streets
Crowded by unknown figures.
I imagine them faceless,
Smooth shapes without eyes and mouths
Crawling like naked and moist snails
With thin shells of shadow
Where they can hide themselves -when they need to
When they are in danger.
I see them climb the walls of the buildings
Leaving behind them stripes of putrid fluid
Soaked with conscious frivolity.
Their slow bodies
Stick to the ground never being part of it.
I’m not scared.
This lie seems to drip with reality.
I wish to be faceless, too
I wish I haven’t to look at me in the mirror
discover that I exist
cover myself to protect me from the rain.
If only it was possible to be like water
Being able to receive everything
Without having to worry about keeping anything
Let the past cross us without bind ourselves to it
Be able to dig deeper and create hidden passages
Where life has still meaning
Thin bottlenecks to walk trough without a reason
And let ourselves go, wherever they lead.
Divide ourselves without losing our essence, our strength